General Dentistry

Taking care of your teeth requires regular care and maintenance. A large part of that is the brushing and flossing that you do at home every day. But another important piece is a routine visit to your dentist to identify any problems. At Nobel Dental Care, we offer complete general dentistry services. We’ll make sure that your teeth are healthy. If they’re not, we’ll use a variety of treatment methods to eliminate pain and help them stay strong.

Teeth Cleaning & Examinations

The best way to have healthy teeth and gums is through routine teeth cleanings and examinations. Dr. Mehrotra and her staff will check all aspects of your oral health. Visit us twice a year to keep your smile looking its best!

Gum Treatments

Your gums are the foundation of your teeth. If they aren’t healthy, your teeth won’t be, either. That’s why Nobel Dental Care offers gum treatments to reverse and prevent gum disease. You’ll avoid permanent damage to these tissues, reduce the risk of infection, and prevent tooth loss.

Crowns & Bridges

A crown can be used to add strength to a damaged tooth or to help its appearance. A bridge replaces one or more teeth that are missing. We’ll help determine which of these solutions will best restore your tooth’s function. We’ll also match your crown or bridge to your existing teeth so they’ll look natural.

Nobel Dental Care is proud to announce that we’re now using the very latest technology to create your crowns and bridges. The 3M™ True Definition Scanner 78011 allows us to take impressions of your teeth without using putty. It’s as easy as taking a picture and delivers the most detailed information to the dental lab. Your crowns and bridges will look and feel more natural than ever.


If a cavity is discovered, we’ll remove the diseased area and replace it with a filling. We can replace old fillings that are loose or have fallen out, too. Our practice also offers tooth colored fillings that will give you a natural, beautiful smile. Ask us about your options and we’ll help you choose the best fillings for you.

Root Canals

Root canals are used to repair and save teeth that are badly decayed or infected. Nerves and pulp are removed from the tooth, which is then cleaned and sealed to avoid further damage.

Wisdom Teeth

For many patients, wisdom teeth can cause crowding and damage to other teeth. They can even become impacted and cause infections. In cases like this, wisdom tooth extractions can give you a better chance at having healthy teeth and gums. While wisdom teeth can cause frustration, our dentist can get you back to smiling comfortably and pain-free!

Nitrous Oxide

At Nobel Dental Care, we understand that undergoing some general dentistry procedures can be overwhelming for some patients. Don’t put off having dental work that you need just because you’re nervous. We can give you nitrous oxide for sedation so you can be comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

For these and other general dentistry needs in Lancaster, Rock Hill, Kershaw, Indian Land, and Heath Springs, call Nobel Dental Care at (803) 286-6455.