If you want straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile but don’t feel like dealing with the stress and worry of braces, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: Invisalign. An alternative to traditional metal or ceramic braces, this approach lets you keep the natural look of your teeth throughout your treatment. Nobel Dental Care offers Invisalign for teens and adults at our Lancaster, SC dentist’s office.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign aligners work to shift your teeth gradually. Just like traditional braces, your teeth can be adjusted horizontally, vertically, or even rotated. This system is engineered to use the right amount of pressure in the right places at the right time.

These aligners are practically invisible to the naked eye, while fitting snugly and conveniently over your teeth. After determining that you’re a good candidate for this treatment, Dr. Pooja Mehrotra will customize a set of aligners that are designed to correct your teeth. The aligners are typically changed out every week to get your teeth to move into the correct positions over time. Your custom treatment plan will be mapped out based on your dental needs and your overall goals for your smile.

Why Choose Invisalign?

In addition to being able to keep the natural appearance of your smile, Invisalign can help you get the smile you want up to 50 percent faster than traditional metal or ceramic braces. And although this treatment is revolutionary, it’s backed by over 20 years of clinical research and more than 700 patents.

It also offers patients a better fit and greater comfort throughout treatment. Plus, this option gives you the flexibility to remove your aligners if needed. This allows you to clean the entire tooth during treatment, reducing the chances of decay.

Want to see if you’re a good candidate for straighter teeth without braces? Give Nobel Dental Care a call to schedule an evaluation with our cosmetic dentist.