Oral Surgery

While the word surgery may seem scary, the staff at Nobel Dental Care will put you at ease. Whenever you come to our Lancaster, SC office for oral surgery, you can rest assured that we put our patients first. We always keep your health and your concerns in mind and we take the time to make sure you feel completely comfortable before you come in for your procedure.

Performing oral surgery is sometimes a necessary part of a patient’s treatment plan, especially if there’s serious crowding, infection, or damage to a tooth. At Nobel Dental Care, we strive to make these procedures as relaxing and worry-free as possible for each patient. We achieve this goal through the skill of Dr. Pooja Mehrotra, who performs surgical operations for wisdom teeth, facial trauma, corrective jaw surgery, impacted teeth, and other dental concerns.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth cause problems for many patients. Routine dental exams and X-rays will determine when and if these teeth should be removed. Dr. Mehrotra can determine what’s best for your overall dental health. If you’re having pain, infection, or crowding as a result of wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment with us today.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are those that are submerged under bone or soft tissue. This can cause significant pain and damage so it needs to be dealt with immediately. Don’t run the risk of developing painful infections or permanent injury to your mouth and jaw. Dr. Mehrotra is an experienced oral surgeon who will determine the best approach for removing these teeth.

Facial Trauma

Nobel Dental Care performs safe, comprehensive treatment for serious facial injuries. Dr. Mehrotra can help restore your mouth, giving you the function and cosmetic appearance you need to be confident. Our staff is well-trained in emergency dentistry, acute treatment, and long-term dental reconstruction and care.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery can be the best way to fix problems with bite, chewing, or even breathing problems. You can trust Dr. Mehrotra to find the best method of treating your jaw problems so that you can live without pain and discomfort.

Regardless of the type of oral surgery you need, our staff will treat you with the utmost care. We use the latest techniques to give you the best, safest results with the least amount of downtime possible. We have a number of sedation and anesthesia options available so you can be comfortable before, during, and after the process. Our soothing atmosphere and friendly staff are here to make your experience as easy as possible. Call us when you need an oral surgeon in Lancaster, Rock Hill, Indian Land, Heath Springs, Kershaw, and surrounding areas of South Carolina.